Dr​. Tempest van Schaik has always been searching for the missing link between art and engineering, science and design, and so-called left and right brain thinking.  She was inspired by the imaginative and futuristic thinking of science fiction to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering and then Electrical Engineering at Wits University in her native country South Africa. She then moved to London for a PhD in Bioengineering at Imperial College, focusing on medical sensors, which she completed in 2014.

In parallel with 10 years of engineering studies, she has created illustrations, sculptures and creatures on a freelance basis for magazines, events and clothing brands. She’s run a handmade jewellery business;  produced art, design and photography for exhibitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Geneva, Berlin and London; and has won prizes in national South African art competitions like the Thami Mnyele Awards. One of her designs was exhibited at Milan Design Week, and an interactive installation artwork was purchased for the permanent collection of the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Currently, Tempest is a Scientist at Science Practice, a London-based research and design company where she works with creative minds on science and healthcare projects.

  • Speaker Tempest van Schaik
  • Title Talk Lab in a Pencil Case
  • Category 2015 Speaker