Tamara is half Saudi and half Mexican, born in London and raised in Los Angeles. She has many interests, from travel and cooking at Le Cordon Bleu to singing at weddings. With a double masters of neuroscience from UCL and Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris, she is currently finishing her neuroscience PhD at Imperial College London, conducting Parkinson’s disease research.

Tamara discovered 9 years ago she had aphantasia and has keenly pursued the topic ever since. With the help of the TEDx platform and its audience, she wishes to spread the word about aphantasia, as it is such a new subject that most people are completely unaware of, in order to determine more about how many people have it and whether any correlations may be drawn between them.

  • Speaker Tamara Alireza
  • Talk Title Aphantasia: can you see in your mind's eye?
  • Category 2016 Speaker