Peter is a psychologist and a former Oxford don. His books include Gestures: Their Origins and Distribution, Driving Passion: The Psychology of the Car, and Foreign Bodies: A Guide to European Mannerisms. His most recent book is The Book of Tells: How to Read People’s Minds from Their Actions.

Peter was resident psychologist on Big Brother for the first four series. He presented Body Talk, an award-winning two-part TV series on Channel 4, followed by What They’re Really Thinking, a programme about the revealing mannerisms of British politicians. In 2010 Peter co-presented an eight-part series on psychology and body language for Sky1. He has written articles for newspapers and magazines, spoken at conferences and provided consultancy for a wide range of organisations.

  • Speaker Peter Collett
  • Talk title Louder Than Words
  • Category 2013 speaker
  • Date February 8th, 2013