Pablo was born in Madrid, Spain, and completed his music degree in performance in La Coruña (Galicia) where he finished with the highest qualifications.

He received a Master in “Pianoforte performance, Musicology, Musical Education and Early Music” from the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña and Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, in Barcelona. During this time he carried out a research project on the technique of Franz Liszt under the supervision of Rubén López Cano and Arthur Schoonderboerg. He recently obtained a second Master in Piano Performance in London at the Trinity College of Music, where is a current postgraduate student, completing a new course in performance.

He has regularly performed in concerts and events around Europe, with an extensive repertoire of different styles and high difficult works. He has large experience as soloist and accompanist, chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choirs. He has been awarded with First prize in the Premier Challenge Cup at the North London Festival; First prize in the Chopin-Liszt Competition, the first “Honor prize Excellence” by the foundation “Paideia Galicia” (Spain); and the “Fernando Remacha Prize.

Pablo recorded his first CD in 2014 under a professional recording contract with the Mans Studio in Spain. His album, sponsored and funded by the foundation “Paideia Galicia” and the institutions of Galicia “Consellería de Cultura” and “Educación O.U.”