Oksana is a regenerative designer and innovator with almost a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, design and circular economics. Oksana is passionate about regenerative, biomimetic design and her extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the concept can be seen throughout her work, which has achieved global recognition and is exhibited worldwide. Throughout her professional and academic practice, Oksana engages with socio-economic and political challenges in the areas of consumption, manufacture, refuse management, decentralisation and localisation. Not only is this evident in her extensive research and development of regenerative materials, such as natural fibres, industrial and residential waste and bioplastics, Oksana demonstrates this through leading Biohm’s design functions and business innovation that are aligned with Biomimetic methodologies.”

  • Speaker Oksana Bondar
  • Talk Title Rewinding the tape of life: design of the new paradigm shift
  • Category 2022 Speaker