Natalie is a socio-legal scholar, currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Laws in UCL. Prior to moving to London for her PhD studies, Natalie was the Head of Legal Department of the refuge for women fleeing domestic violence in Jerusalem, Israel. Natalie’s recently completed PhD entitled ‘Social Exclusion through Legal Naming Events’ looked at the manners by which legal discourse operates to exclude social realities and voices. Alongside her PhD Natalie designed and conducted a project aimed at revealing how people who went through legal proceedings experience the legal system, for which she was awarded UCL 2015 Provost’s Award for Public Engagement. She is currently researching the potential embedded in art for the understanding of the relationship between law and society.

  • Speaker Natalie Ohana
  • Talk Title Beyond words: breaking the boundaries of legal language
  • Category 2016 Speaker