Matthias Mauch is a researcher in music informatics. As an undergraduate mathematics student in Rostock, Germany, he earned his pocket money as an amateur musician. Combining his passions for maths and music he went on to do a Ph.D. in electronic engineering at Queen Mary University of London – on algorithms to automatically transcribe chords from music recordings.

After a post-doc in Japan and a Research Fellowship at returned to Queen Mary in 2012 on a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship, investigating music signal processing, human singing, and the evolution of musical style. He’s published over 40 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers.

Together with his research collaborators from Imperial College London he’s a recipient of a 2012 Cozzarelli Prize for scientific excellence and originality from the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

  • Speaker Matthias Mauch
  • Talk Title The Hidden History of Pop Music
  • Category 2015 Speaker