There are few female speakers today who can claim the wide expertise and profound audience reach of Marisa Peer. With nearly three decades of work as a therapist behind her – helping rock stars, royalty, Olympians, and leading CEOs overcome phobias, addiction, childhood traumas, and relationship problems – Marisa has an unparalleled ability to connect with each of her audience members on an individual level.

Marisa’s own life story is direct proof of what serves as her main message: that the thoughts and words we choose have a direct impact on how our lives play out. After being told in school she was physically inept and would never amount to anything, Marisa went on to become the top trainer at the renowned Pineapple Dance Studio in both London and New York and then worked for Jane Fonda in Los Angeles at the height of the fitness craze. Using her firm belief that the body does precisely what the mind tells it to, Marisa had her daughter Phaedra after numerous specialists insisted she would never get pregnant. She also used this very same philosophy to overcome two life-threatening illnesses and has helped many people do the same.

Further proof of Marisa’s success is not hard to come by. Her accolades include being listed in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Practitioners, being the only woman included in Men’s Health’s “Best of British” list, and listed as the leading practitioner for mental health in London’s Time Out Guide. Her bestselling books have been translated into Swedish, German, Icelandic, and Korean, with her “Ultimate Confidence” title being used as a core curriculum component in the Korean education system.

  • Speaker Marisa Peer
  • Talk title How to Avoid Rejection and Get Connection
  • Category 2014 speaker
  • Date May 9th, 2014
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