Maria Chen is a university fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE). She is a historian of European policy and culture with a research background in European Union (EU) institutions, intellectual property, and agriculture. Maria is fascinated by identity. At the forefront of her mind are questions of how food and drink culture, music, ownership of ideas, and historical memory affect who we are and how we present ourselves.

Maria has taught university courses on 20th century Western European history, the social construction of markets, climate change governance, and global poverty and inequality. She serves on LSE’s Ethics Policy Committee, where she advises on ethical decision-making. Maria is also a contributing expert analyst on Brexit and EU policy to Oxford Analytica. In 2017, she was one of 24 experts chosen from across the country for BBC Academy’s ‘BBC Expert Women’.

Maria lives her academic loves. She is a singer who specialises in 1920s-1950s jazz and has performed with a small London-based ensemble since 2011. She has travelled extensively across Europe to understand the origins of European wine policies. As a devoted foodie, Maria often follows her stomach on trips.


  • Speaker Maria Chen
  • Talk Title Why we should defend history