Wearable sensors for smartphone-assisted point-of-care diagnostics

Science and arts join forces in this project regarding the use of wearable sensors for medical purposes. Rosalia Moreddu, from Dr. Ali Yetisen group at Imperial College London, brings us this exciting scientific demonstration together with tattooist Emma Wilkinson, from London’s Rotary Heaven studio.

Wearable sensors hit the market 30 years ago, in the form of sensors integrated into fabrics, wearable displays, and point-of-care monitoring systems. Their project envisions wearables as theranostic devices that can provide continuous monitoring and treatment of diseases, via direct interaction with body fluids. Here, they present biosensors interfacing novel diagnostic media, namely tears and interstitial fluid, integrated in tattoo inks and contact lenses. Smartphone readouts allow these sensors to be operated at a point-of-care setting and communicate the information to a GP in real time.