Hamza obtained an undergraduate degree in international relations from the LSE and a postgraduate degree in International Social and Public Policy.

For next two years, he will be a Gleitsman Leadership Fellow for Social Change at the Harvard Kennedy School. He is a competitive debater and won Best Speaker in Europe, participated in the European Debating Championships and was the 5th Best Speaker and Finalist, World Debating Championships. He is the founder of The LSE Public Debate Programmme, interviewing political stakeholders on issues central to public interest such as the head of the Scottish National Party, the head of Hong Kong opposition, and the head of the UK Independence Party.

In addition, he worked at the Woodrow Wilson Centre and the Hudson Institute on religious violence and political economy of South Asia. Finally, he hosted and interviewed politicians, policy makers and journalists across South Asia, and hosted the first ever “Global Activist Forum” at LSE.