Evan Kassof is a composer of contemporary music based in London. Originally from south Florida, he studied physics and music composition at the University of Florida, worked in the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search collaboration, and is now finishing a Master in Music composition from the Royal Academy of Music, London. Since moving to London, he has worked to incorporate his love and knowledge of physics into a musical language that is artistically robust. His recent projects include a brass septet; a trio for horn, violin, and piano; three percussion duets; a large orchestral work; a site-specific work in Tenerife; and an opera. Beyond composition for its own sake, Evan is interested in using his music to explore new ways of experiencing and learning about art and the universe. Ultimately, he hopes that his music serves as a means to understand not only the physical universe, but to also understand our complex relationship with the world around us.

  • Speaker Evan Kassof
  • Talk title The Composition of the Cosmos
  • Category 2014 speaker
  • Date May 9th, 2014