Christina Chang is a Marshall Scholar studying for an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on developing a new energy technology that uses sunlight to synthesise chemical fuels. Christina is a United States Presidential Scholar, a Goldwater Scholar, and an alumna of the Research Science Institute. She graduated from Princeton University in 2012, having received the Pyka Prize in Physics, the Shapiro Prize for Academic Excellence, and the Spirit of Princeton Award. Outside of the lab, Christina is passionate about furthering science education. In 2009, she co-founded an after-school mentoring program for underserved secondary school students in New Jersey. Her ultimate career goal is to address the global energy crisis through scientific research and public engagement.

  • Speaker Christina Chang
  • Talk title Powering the Planet: Collaborate to Innovate
  • Category 2013 speaker
  • Date February 8th, 2013