Alice Holmberg, Dipl Des, FRSA

To design is to vividly experience what doesn’t exist yet, says Alice Holmberg and as a designer and entrepreneur, she has rich scope for doing so. She is one of these big picture people who can’t just leave it alone and says she co-established an entirely new university institute because the understanding of design needed a paradigm shift, was analysing post-colonial national identity building and its personal expression out of crude curiosity, has been playing a key part in building up a London based charity, because local people’s creativity deserve a voice in change happening around them and you will find her advising start-ups simply because the world misses out without them.
Her enthusiasm for storytelling and crafts shines through all of her undertakings, but nowhere more than in her own newly founded venture, Pride & Produce, which connects rural artisans and makers worldwide to the experience economy.

Born and bred in Denmark, she has lived the better part of the last decades in Germany, Bangladesh, Greece and the UK, where she is currently based. Alice has been awarded membership of the German National Academic Foundation and is a fellow of the RSA.

  • Speaker Alice Holmberg
  • Talk title Meet the producers
  • Category 2014 speaker
  • Date May 9th, 2014
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