While studying Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, Alex found his passion in energy and the future of transportation. He realised that the technology for sustainable transportation was already present, but that the public were ill-informed about its potential. In January 2009, Alex set up Racing Green Endurance; a project aimed at designing and building the world’s longest range electric car, and then proving this technology to the world by driving it the 26,000km long Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina! Documented by the BBC, the project was well received throughout the world, and helped change public perception about electric cars forever. In January 2011 he co-founded Vantage Power, a company specialising in the development of an innovative hybrid powertrain for buses.

  • Speaker Alexander Schey
  • Talk title Racing Green Endurance: Breaking EV Barriers
  • Category 2012 speaker
  • Date May 5th, 2012