Born in India, raised in Australia and having lived in Singapore and Canada, Akshath Kalé has had a lifelong obsession with history and international affairs with a focus on the Second World War. Akshath is mostly interested in the interaction of individuals in large scale scenarios and what these interactions can tell us by way of alternative narratives and missing ideas.

Akshath is a graduate from the Australian National University and is currently studying at the London School of Economics. Aspiring to work in public service after his studies, Akshath’s motivation for speaking at TEDxGoodenough College 2015 is to explore the implication for the Second World War for the individuals that experienced it. Akshath believes that, in such a monumental, age-defining event which still holds significance even 70 years after its end, we tend to forget that it was individuals that fought this war. Akshath hopes that we can shift our focus to the emotional and visceral aspects of historical events against grand eloquent narratives.

  • Speaker Akshath Kale
  • Talk Title The Missing War Story
  • Category 2015 Speaker