Thank you so much, both to those who attended the event and those that watched online, for making TEDxGoodenoughCollege 2021 such a memorable event! Our deepest gratitude goes to our wonderful sponsors, organisers, speakers and demonstrators who made the event possible.

If you missed the event, you may watch the talks by consulting the Speakers tab.

Theme: Reshaping Realities

Event info

TEDxGoodenoughCollege 2021 took place on August 7th in the Great Hall in London House, Mecklenburgh Square, London, WC1N 2AB.

It was a registered TEDx event, this is the TEDx webpage.

This year’s TEDxGoodenoughCollege will mark the 10th TEDx event hosted by the College and will undoubtedly continue the tradition of excellence and enthusiasm of previous years. 

Over the past year, the impact of COVID-19 has unleashed a global climate of uncertainty as we struggle to imagine a reality outside of lockdown. As many of us begin to see restrictions lifting on our virtual bubbles, the question of what comes next has never been more pertinent.

As the renowned technologist, Vivek Wadhwa, noted:

‘the pandemic is a dress rehearsal for the future’; an opportunity to take the lessons of shared responsibility, altruism, and community planning to create the future we want to inhabit. 

Taking the idea of change and transformation as its motivation, TEDxGoodenoughCollege has chosen the theme ‘Reshaping Realities’ to encourage our speakers to critically and creatively engage with the question:  what comes next? And, how we might go about building more equal, happier, and equitable realities for future generations? Our speakers will discuss the emergence of these new possible realities and how we can begin to reshape the spaces, experiences, relationships, and lifestyles in our post-COVID future.