Richard Pass

Richard is studying for an MSc at UCL’s School of Public Policy having previously attained a BSc in Economics from the University of Nottingham. He is passionate about all things global having lived in South Africa, Malaysia, the UK and of course the most diverse community in London, Goodenough College! Over the course of the last year he has been a political researcher for geo-political think tank, the Henry Jackson Society, a blogger for the Huffington Post and a lead mentor for Debate Mate, a charity whose mission it is to develop the  debating and verbal reasoning skills of underprivileged youths across the world. For Richard, TED epitomises what is possible when people with energy and ambition pursue their aspirations. One of his favourite quotes is that by Mahatma Ghandi which says ‘strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.’
Favourite TED talk: Why you will fail to have a great career



Marketing Manager
Jesse is currently pursuing a Masters of International Planning at UCL’s Bartlett School of Planning. She is passionate about infrastructure, especially transit, and the role it can play in transforming places. Jesse loves that TED serves as a platform to provide inspiring and interesting discourse throughout the global community.
Favourite TED talk: How photography connects us



Videography and Production
Pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London, Kun Shan is passionate about driving global environmental sustainability through technological innovation, and is dedicated in tackling the world’s toughest energy challenges. Professional aspirations aside, Kun Shan enjoys nurturing her artistic talents through painting and video production. As the head of her undergraduate video production unit, Kun Shan has led multidisciplinary teams in creating vibrant varsity productions. TED Talks inspire Kun Shan by stimulating her curiosity, open-mindedness, and creativity.
Favourite TED talk: Brain magic



Stage Manager
Salma is a filmmaker by training and is currently doing a PhD in South Asian Cinema at the University of Westminster. She finds TED’s strength in facilitating new ways of thinking together while maintaining independent perspectives, a balance vital for intellectual fecundity.
Favourite Ted talk: The danger of a single story



Alumni Relations Manager
Currently, Benjamin is pursuing a PhD in Neurosciences at University College London in a joint program with the National Institute of Mental Health. He is studying how the brain responds to aversive stimuli in a virtual environment and the neural mechanisms underlying the development of anxiety disorders. For Benjamin, TED brings the most inspiring and accessible approach to spread ideas in a way that can be understood and appreciated by a general audience.
Favourite TED talk: Stroke of insight



Web Manager
After a brief foray into the world of politics, Meg has returned to academics by pursuing an MA in International Peace & Security at King’s College London. Her areas of interest include the evolving structures of international law, nationalism and security, and the media’s impact on conflict. After one long, sleepless night, Meg viewed her first TED talk: Arianna Huffington’s “How to succeed? Get more sleep.” She has been hooked ever since. Meg loves TED’s unique ability to connect people from all corners of the globe  in a conversation about what surprises, excites and drives us all.
Favourite TED talk: The power of vulnerability



Event and Networking Manager.
Bart is currently working on his PhD in Brain Cancer at the UCL Cancer Institute.
An entrepreneur, Bart pursues a wide range of interests, from obstacle course racing to alternative energy sources. He loves ideas, solutions and creativity. For him, TED is a way to keep thinking outside the box and learning from others.
Favourite TED talk: Tales of creativity and play



Event and Networking Manager
Being practically minded, Filip considers TEDx a great forum for the dissemination of valuable knowledge and experience. As an accessible and relevant medium he believes TEDx can advance awareness as well as an understanding of the world and its fascinating and sometimes contradictory nature. This year he is excited to have taken on the opportunity to contribute to TEDx Goodenough College in the role of Events and Networking Manager. Filip is currently undertaking an MSc in advanced structural engineering at Imperial College London and has previously studied engineering at the University of Edinburgh.
Favourite TED talk: Medical miracle on Everest



Speakers Management
Melissa Dickson is a PhD student in English Literature and King’s College London and Community and Welfare Co-Chair on the Goodenough College Members’ Council. A fellow and active member of the Australian Federation of Graduate Women, Melissa is passionate about equal opportunities in education at all levels and the critical role of dialogue in problem solving.
Favourite TED talk: The danger of a single story



Speakers Manager
Elizabeth is undertaking a Fellowship in Eating Disorders at Great Ormond St. Hospital. She recognises the importance of achieving improved health outcomes for children and adults from a mental health perspective, and see educational initiatives in as crucial to the early detection and intervention in mental health disorders. This has led to her interest in interdisciplinary education, and to a Masters in Medical Education. She has significant experience in developing educational endeavours supporting medical colleagues and allied health professionals with limited access to mental health services- so they can better support the wellbeing of their patients.

She considers TEDx an innovative and useful way to communicate about mental health issues and research, and a to bridge the gap between science and every day life.
Favourite TED talk: A tale of mental illness — from the inside


TEDxOthman Al Helli

Alumni Relations Manager
After surviving three wars in Iraq, obtaining a medical degree, and working for the Red Cross, Othman moved to the UK to study for an MSc in Clinical Neurology at UCL. Whilst pursing a career in neurosurgery, he was appointed as a clinical research associate at UCL Institute of Neurology to investigate groundbreaking advanced techniques in neuroimaging of patients with Parkinsonian disorders. His research is aiming to develop new methods for early and accurate detection of Parkinson’s disease, in addition to improving our understanding of the imaging and surgical anatomy of brain structures that play a role in the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease. His life dream is to discover a cure for Parkinson’s disease! For Othman, TED is all about sharing: experiences, thoughts, inspirations and dreams!
Favourite TED Talk: 3 clues to understanding your brain


Walter photoWalter Lindop

Fundraising Manager
Walter works for BroadReach Healthcare, which increases access to health in emerging markets and under-served populations. He obtained his MSc in Economics from the University of Edinburgh, after completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Cape Town. He believes that complex concepts conveyed in a simple and practical manner can transform people’s lives, which is why he is committed to the TED concept and to working towards a successful TEDxGoodenough College 2013.
Favourite TED Talk: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology


680515_10100186760459272_2051259423_oMyria Antony

Marketing Manager
Born in India, educated in United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, India and New Zealand, Myria graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Economics & Finance and is currently pursuing a Masters in Management at the London School of Economics. She also just finished an MBA exchange at S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University. Having lived in three continents and travelled to twenty five + countries, Myria loves the global stage that TED provides. For her, TED represents an amazing platform to bring together people with inspiring ideas to change the world.
Favourite Ted Talk: Why nations should pursue “soft” power