Geraldine is the Curator of TEDxGoodenoughCollege 2012 – Inspiring innovation for global change. As a full-time Ph.D candidate in Structural Biology at University College of London, Geraldine led a multidisciplinary group of leading London Universities post-graduate students to organising an interactive and inspiring TEDx event for the rich and diverse Goodenough College community. TEDxGoodenoughCollege delves into “big-picture” questions, and talks come from a variety of disciplines such as economics, science, medicine, architecture, politics, cybernetics, aeronautics, and the arts. Although distinctly diverse, all of these fields shape our common future and promote ideas worth spreading on a global scale.
Geraldine also chairs the Academic Committee responsible of the intellectual life of Goodenough College.
Favourite TED talk: Philosophy of success



Marketing / Media Communication

In another life, Andy would’ve loved to become an astronaut and explore the frontiers of space. But soon he realized this planet has enough problems of its own and so has decided to explore and attempt to tackle some of the issues facing people around the world today. Andy is doing an MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing between LSE and LSHTM.

Favourite TED talk: The shared experience of absurdity




Studying Public Management and Governance at the London School of Economics. She is passionate about understanding how the social structures in the world around us–particularly those related to government–influence human behavior and is committed to designing better, more effective public policies. She finds that Ted talks are constantly providing her with new public policy inspiration, usually as she watches them over a morning cup of coffee!

Favourite TED talk: The real reason for brains


Production / Videography

Adam has been fascinated by everything since it ever began. Currently, Adam works in visual effects for feature films, giving him the opportunity to expand his creative and technical knowledge on such films as Avatar, Harry Potter and War Horse. Outside of his professional setting, Adam is a founding member of an independent film production collective, Flock of Condors. Adam is also the proud owner of a Stoll hand crafted Klein bottle.

Favourite TED talk: Clifford Stoll on … everything




Currently studying for a Masters in International Public Policy at UCL. For Richard, TED epitomises what’s possible when people with energy and ambition pursue their dreams. One of his favourite quotes is by Donald Trump that says ‘if you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big’.

Favourite TED talk: Six killer apps of prosperity


Stage Management

Daniel is a firm believer in open dialogue, communication between fields and multi-disciplinary education. He greatly admires TED as an embodiment of these ideals.
Having completed a master of Chemistry at Imperial College he is now pursuing a master of Economics at the LSE and chairs the Goodenough College debate society which organizes regular public debate within the college.

Favourite TED talk: The best stats you have ever seen



Networking Strategies

As a champion of the Creative Economy in his country, the Philippines, Benedict promotes the intermix of talent and entrepreneurship as a means to generate more economic opportunities for his countrymen. He is the recipient of the British Council International Young Creative Entrepreneur for Screen in 2008 and the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship. Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Award in 2009 for his extensive work in this sector. He is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Westminster.

Favourite TED talk: Creativity and play



Anton is studying Philosophy at UCL, after having gained a degree in Management. He is interested in bridging the gaps between the disciplines and has a particular interest political philosophy and how it informs current debates on issues such as wealth distribution and education. For him, TED represents the best way to bring current debates to a large audience by spreading great ideas in an unprecedented way.

Favourite TED talk: Is there a real you?


Speakers Management

Alessandro is the current college chair and is completing his masters in International Public Policy at UCL. For him, TED represents a result, exhibition, and reminder of humanity’s amazing potential to innovate, succeed, and help each other. He currently works for the Overseas Development Institute and is passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves and innovative problem solving. One of his favourite quotes is by Winston Churchill who says ‘Without courage all virtues lose their meaning’.

Favourite TED talk: A new look at Africa.



Passionate about using media, such as photography and filmmaking as mean for addressing the emerging social issues in our contemporary world, Laura is a London
based freelance photographer and videomaker, mainly specialised in photojournalism. She has a MA in International Relations and Human Rights.

Favourite TED talk: Nurturing creativity




Paul is fascinated by innovation in the image production of photography, film making and graphic design as tools to spread ideas in today’s culture.

Favourite TED talk: Share a vital story with the world