TEDxGoodenoughCollege 2018 will be held in May 2018. If you are interested in Demonstrating your company or idea, please contact our Technology team.


Data backed meditative state of art.

An experimental performance made for TEDx: a human artist & a range of sensors. Both registering the changes in the environment, influenced by the public and the speakers. Immaterial Art Lab & collaborators is set to find out if a correlation can be observed.

In:fluence is an abstract documentation, a mood map of this TEDx London 2018 via art in flow and data science. Created by design innovator and artist Helena Nora Vitola-Jones and facilitated by the Thingitude IoT co-authored by Mark Stanley; Buggy Air pollution sensing kit and Hack The Senses expertise with Muse EEG headband. Filmed by Donald Eke. Produced by Karlina Voitika.

See the live stream and results of the performance on the artist’s website


VR Education

“VR Education is a multi-award-winning virtual/augmented reality (‘VR/AR’) software firm dedicated to changing how educational content and corporate training and provided and consumed globally.

Our award winning ENGAGE platform allows educators and corporate trainers to share their own content in a virtual setting, inspiring students whether in a classroom, lecture theatre, operating theatre, or on the surface of Mars. VR Education has also won global accolades for its showcase experience Apollo 11 VR. This multi-award winning educational experience is based on actual the actual events and recreates the full mission using original NASA audio and mission data recorded during the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.”



Imperial College London – Department of Chemistry

“The Imperial College Department of Chemistry is one of the premier chemistry departments in the world, with Nobel Prize-winning researchers that include Sir Derek Barton (1969) and Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (1973). Today, the Imperial College Department of Chemistry has dozens of faculty, with research interests ranging from antimicrobial resistance to artificial cells and everything in-between.

The Outreach team at Imperial College has been established for over a decade. They are responsible for delivering a wide range of exciting and inspiring activities to raise aspirations, change perceptions and stimulate interest in Science across London and the UK.”