Richard Seale

How can VR and AI enhance creativity

As the lead automotive designer of Seymourpowell, Richard has been crucial to the expansion of the transport division in incorporating an automotive perspective. Since joining Seymourpowell in 2010, he has played a significant role in delivering a wide range of projects to clients such as Ford and British Airways.

Most recently, Richard has helped Seymourpowell revolutionise the automotive design process through the development of RealityWorks: their cutting-edge virtual reality design tool. Notably, his work has also involved conceptualising vehicles to explore the future of mobility, from automotive user experience visions, to autonomous vehicles. Richard has also worked on electric vehicle projects from conception to production.

Over the years, Richard has developed a breadth of experience in exterior and interior design for the automotive and rail industries, as well as in commercial aircraft interior design, working to shape the future of passenger experiences.

Richard Seale

Illustration by Chiho Nishiwaka