Alissa Amico

Good corporate practices can create change and stability /// Lessons from the Middle East

Alissa Amico is the Managing Director of GOVERN (, which works with public and corporate leaders in advancing on corporate governance and economic governance in emerging markets. A unique policy and advisory entity, the Center conducts research, training and advisory services for corporate and public sector decision-makers including investors, corporations, stock exchanges, central banks, ministries and other regulators.

Alissa was involved for establishing the MENA programme at the OECD with Ministers in 2005. For a decade, she was responsible overseeing the organisation’s work on financial markets and corporate governance in the region. Alissa has advised governments across the Middle East, Africa and Europe on the design of regulatory initiatives and institution building. She has published extensively, including several books, journal articles and as well in international media.

Alissa holds a BBA from York University (Canada) and a MSC from the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). Alissa was named one of the Top 100 Leaders in Europe and the Middle East by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence in 2011 and was recognised by Columbia Law School as the Rising Star of Corporate Governance in 2014. She is trilingual in English, French, and Russian and has beginner level Arabic and Italian.

Alissa Amico

Illustration by Chiho Nishiwaka